Mike Christie

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I love to write, and I have done writing of all types. I have been composing pieces of one sort or another since the third grade. I spent many years as a technical writer, documenting software in the areas of e-Commerce, search software, personal financial management, and expert systems. I have written in a variety of other genres as well, including essays, business reports, and newsletter articles.

Articles and White Papers on Technology

I wrote articles and white papers on technology-related topics for ContentLab, which provides "content to companies that market to tech professionals." I have written articles on security, online DataGrids, GPS routing tools, and software quality systems. Most of these pieces are ghostwritten or unattributed but my white paper on JavaScript DataGrids carries a byline.

Business Writing

I have written a number of customer success stories developed from interview transcripts and my own research. I wrote these for a Silicon Valley agency that specializes in corporate advocacy for businesses in the high tech field. These pieces were in the areas of IT security and telecom.

Writing Published in a Curated Environment

The following articles were published in curated environments.


I compile and write the weekly email newsletter for Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd. Here's a sample.

Collaborative Writing

I was a member of the profile committee at my church as part of our rector search process. We produced this congregational profile (PDF) to which many people contributed and which I compiled. The “Our Current Community” section through the list of employers is my writing, as is the discussion of the Church Assessment Tool Survey.

My Blog

I write a personal blog called My Point Being

Technical Publications

I developed the following user guides when I was a technical writer in Silicon Valley. All documents are in PDF format

Other Projects

I created two instructional videos that describe how to use software programs.

(Non)Use of AI

See my policy on using AI in my writing. (I don't.)