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Mike's photoI love to write, and I have done writing of all types. In fact, I have been composing pieces of one sort or another since the third grade. I spent many years as a technical writer, documenting software in the areas of e-Commerce, search software, personal financial management, and expert systems (long before AI was a thing). I have written in a variety of other genres as well, including essays, business reports, and newsletter articles. I am also a blogger and publish blog entries on a regular basis.

For many years I managed content for a partner web portal at Hewlett-Packard using the Vignette content management system. I have also used SharePoint and WordPress on a variety of different web sites. I first created my own personal web site in 1996 and have done hands-on web work ever since. Much has changed since then, so I work to keep up with the latest technology and best practices.

Mt. San Jacinto

I live with my wife Terry in Hemet, which is in the San Jacinto Valley, on the eastern edge of Southern California's Inland Empire. I grew up here in Hemet beneath the shadow of Mt. San Jacinto, and although I left for Texas, Oklahoma, and then Silicon Valley, I returned in 2015 after forty-one years away.

I was an active member of the Menifee Toastmasters club, where I served as vice president of education and president. I achieved Advanced Communicator Silver and Competent Leader designations. I am also a member of Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Hemet, for which I have written newsletter articles and where I coordinated the development of a parish profile document. I currently am responsible for the church e-newsletter and for maintaining the church web site.

I'm delighted to work with you whether you are nearby or far away. During my career in high tech I worked with people around the globe, so I am happy to address your requirements whatever time zone you may be in.

Here is my LinkedIn profile.

See my policy on using AI in my writing. (I don't.)

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