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About My Use of AI (I Don't)

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There has been a lot of hype about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in content creation over the past year plus. Microsoft has been integrating its Copilot into many of its products. (It recently placed a Copilot icon on my Windows 10 toolbar.) Google has replaced Bard with a new Gemini product which it is promoting. Lots of users still go to ChatGPT and I'm seeing many people saying they use the paid version. There are also independent products out there such as Perplexity, which was recently the subject of a piece in the Sunday New York Times.

So let me be clear. I do not use AI to create the works that I write.

AI is not going anywhere and it's not productive to play ostrich and pretend that it doesn't exist. I want to understand what AI is all about and where it is going. One of my editing tools uses AI, but I remain in control and I reject as many of its suggestions as I accept.

The world is changing rapidly and I use many high tech tools in my work, but I commit to you that my writing is my own.